What was installed?

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What was installed:

When you selected the soSIMPLE Calendar Add-On, the following things were added to your database.

Note: Removing the Add-On removes everything that was created by the Add-On, including all the tables and scripts.

  • Tables:
    • soSIMPLE Calendar Settings
      Houses all the code required for your calendar, along with some global fields for setting configurations.
    • Events
      Sample events that show on your calendar. You can use this table, or integrate your own.
    • Calendars
      Names and colors to identify different calendars. They can be turned on & off with buttons to the left of your calendar.
    • Resources
      Names and sort order for resources. These show up as rows or columns in multiple views of your calendar.
  • Scripts:
    9 scripts are created. The most important one is:
    • soSIMPLE Calendar Actions
      Runs whenever anything happens on your calendar. Actions can include: Open, edit, delete, load, navigate, refresh
  • Value Lists:
    Several value lists have to been added to help in configuring the calendar and setting event fields.
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