soSIMPLE Calendar Add-on

Introducing our new Add-on just for FileMaker 19.

We bring the features of soSIMPLE Calendar to an easy-to-install Add-on (just click “+” and drag it onto your layout).

Adds a rich intuitive calendar to any custom app built on the FileMaker Platform.

Works seamlessly in FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect on all platforms.

soSIMPLE Calendar Server-Powered

Our original soSIMPLE Calendar.

For FileMaker users that want to use their calendar in FileMaker products, and extend their calendar to iCal and direct-to-web (no WebDirect required).

This calendar also works in FileMaker version 14 through 19 and requires FileMaker Server.


Connect your PHP projects to the FileMaker Platform.

Open source PHP class for the FileMaker Data API.

fmGateway for Zapier

Zapier app for the FileMaker Data API.

Connect your FileMaker custom app to hundreds of web services