Is there a trial version?


Please head over to Getting Started and click the Download button.

The trial version lets you use all the features of soSIMPLE Calendar Add-on, including integrating it into your own workflow. While you’re in trial mode, you’ll have a big “UNREGISTERED” sign on the calendar, and you’ll be prompted every so often to let us know how it’s going.

Once you purchase soSIMPLE Calendar Add-on and enter your license key into the Settings layout, clicking “Update” will load new software without the annoying messages.

soSIMPLE Calendars compared

What’s the difference between the two soSIMPLE Calendar products?

soSIMPLE Calendar Add-On was released October, 2020.

soSIMPLE Calendar is now known as soSIMPLE Calendar Server Powered.

Our flagship product, now known as soSIMPLE Calendar Server-Powered, uses FileMaker to work with your calendar in a web viewer.

soSIMPLE Calendar Add-On uses the same codebase, but has been reengineered as a FileMaker 19 Add-On. We’ve simplified the FileMaker scripts and added many useful utility functions.

Here’s a birds-eye view of how the two products compare.

Calendar Add-OnServer-Powered

Common Features
Single one-time purchase for your all your users
No internet connection required
Calendar embedded into your custom app
Timelines & Resource Views
Google Maps View
Schedule unscheduled tasks by dragging
Background & blocking events
After-hours events indicator
Many end user configuration tweaks
Calendar setup, configuration and customization
Customizable code (using JavaScript & CSS)
Use your own FileMaker event layouts and workflow in FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go
Live code updates from soSIMPLE servers

soSIMPLE Calendar Add-on
Use your own event layouts and workflow in FileMaker WebDirect, just like Pro & Go
Multiple user-selectable calendars
30-second installation, 5 minute integration
All required code included in your file
Runs the same whether your file is hosted or not
Custom date formats
More control of your calendar using FileMaker scripting and new utility functions
Observes security of logged in user when displaying events
Navigation control and feedback using FileMaker scripts

soSIMPLE Calendar Server-Powered
Requires FileMaker Server
Publish to the web without WebDirect, includes web-based authentication and url event filtering
Show your FileMaker events in iCal-compatible calendar, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, includes url event filtering
Show iCal-sourced data in your soSIMPLE Calendar
Several printable views – Month, Week, Day & Resources
Interface builder includes formatting and custom menus
Multiple themes